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Welcome to Laughing Man Production's Wiki Site!

This is still in early development so check back in a bit to see what we are working on!

We will have a lot of info for all of our projects contained within this wiki; have a question on a certain custom monster for GeoRo? The answer will be here!

Can't quite beat a puzzle in Combine Insurrection? You might just find a guide here!

Anything that we add to any of our games will have some form of documentation. This is to promote a cleaner forum as well as a more centralized information database.

Let us know if something we have written is wrong or there are typos, or what have you!

Thanks for choosing us for your recreational endeavors!

Current Projects

Category: GeoRo
Category: Combine Insurrection
Category: Lineage 2 Ragnarok
Category: Single Player Video Series
Category: Odyssian Void
Category: Valhalla Cabal Online
Category: Dawn of War II Mod